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In Loving Memory

Please accept my sincere condolences if you are looking at this page following the loss of a loved one.

I pride myself in working closely with customers to ensure their friend or family member's prints and ashes are immortalised in the most perfect way.

Cremation, Hair Lock and Pet Fur Jewellery

On this page you will find my range of cremation jewellery to beautifully capture your memories and keep your loved ones with you all the time.

I need very little of the ashes, and send out a small secure pot and return envelope for you, or if you are local, feel free to make an appointment to bring the ashes to my home studio. 

All the ashes pieces can be made with any colour glitter in the resin.

Memorial Prints Jewellery

If you would like to have a memorial piece with handprints, footprints, fingerprints or your loved ones handwriting imprinted, please have a look at the products page here.
I aim to make the process as easy and stress free as possible, and I can send out print kits to yourself, or even a funeral home or hospice. A return envelope is included for convenience.
As this time may be rushed and you will have lots to sort out, I simply charge £5 for the print kit, meaning you can then decide what you would like to order in the coming weeks. Therefore, you can ensure you have the prints, and take your time choosing the perfect item.
Please visit the Taking Prints section of the website to request the print kit.
If you are a parent who has lost a baby or child, you may have prints which were taken by the hospital or midwife. The original prints are so precious, what better way to keep your angel close to you without the risk to the original prints. I just need a photocopy of the prints to work from, ensuring the originals never have to leave your possession.

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