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Bracelet Charms - choice of shape

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These items are our best sellers.

They can be made to fit on many of the most popular styles of high street charm bracelets using a variety of clasps available.

They can fit one fingerprint or a good size handprint, footprint or paw print. They can also be engraved on the back. They are a good size - the charm itself is approximately 1.5 - 1.7cm (depending on the shape) plus the attachment.

If you have decided on a single sided charm, I suggest having any name or date which you would like engraving on the back, this leaves as much room as possible for a good size print with as much detail as possible. It also means the back is not plain.

Also now available - Double sided bracelet charms, a print (hand / foot / paw / scan / handwriting) on each side! (It is possible to still have engraving on a double sided charm, but please try to limit to 6-8 characters maximum either side) Fingerprints cannot be used for double sided charms.

If you would like to order a bracelet for your charm, please visit the Accessories page where you will see all the beautiful options we have.

**SAVE £20** When you order the Prints Charming Exclusive Sweetie Bracelet at the same time as a charm!**


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