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Joined Hearts Necklace

  • Product Code: JHP
£145.00 Ex Tax: £145.00

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This gorgeous joined hearts pendant can fit up to 4 prints and engraving front and back.

This is an extra large size and is approximately 5cm by 3cm. It is a real statement piece.

I always try to maximise the size of the hand, foot and paw prints on the items, so if no engraving is chosen for the front, the prints can be slightly bigger (fingerprints will be actual size)

You have a choice of 2 chain styles - the total length of the neacklace will be 18"

The print kit included with this item for handprints, footprints and paw prints includes 2 papers the size of A4. This should be enough to do 4 adult handprints as a guide.

The fingerprint kit will be enough to take 2 fingerprints. You may wish to purchase an additional kit from the taking prints section.

   Crystal colours available - Bright pink, baby pink, orange, blue, green, clear, red, yellow, purple, peach.


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