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Contact Details Pendant

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You pay money each month to insure your house, cars, pets, and your life, but what extra bit of protection is missing.

As a parent, we have all had that heart-in-mouth moment when we look away for that split second, and then can't our little one - usually only to find they have walked just two steps and are now standing behind us - safe and sound, and completely oblivious to the sheer panic that hits us in that short time.

What happens if they do get further away? Separated from you and not sure where to go back to to find you? Would they know your phone number to ask someone to call you? 

I have seen different ways of trying to avoid children getting lost - one of which was a sticker at the entrance to a theme park. You have to write your phone number on it, and the theory is, that if someone finds your child, they give you a call. Well, that day I saw more stickers on the floor than on children! They weren't very sticky, and the warm weather was making them peel off too.

What was needed was something they could safely wear whilst out and about, that would not fall off, and could be worn on any family outing. Not just a theme park, but how about the beach? Stickers are useless on the beach - all that sand, water and suncream, they would have fallen off within 5 minutes.

This is where our contact details pendant works brilliantly.

The pendant and the chain are solid silver, so they won't discolour the skin, and the details on them are permanently imprinted. They are small and discreet to wear, and are suitable for the beach, swimming, and any other family day out you can think of.

The chain is sturdy enough for everyday wear, and the 16" length on most children will be long enough to tuck down their tshirt.

It's a design suitable for boys and girls.

Our 5 year old daughter has been trialling this for the past few weeks and is very happy to wear it whenever we go out, even just to the supermarket. She knows that if she ever loses sight of us, to look for a mummy who has children with her and show her the necklace. Within minutes we would be reunited with her if she ever wandered off. 

Peace of mind of a speedy return of your little ones should be on your list of insurances

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