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Taking The Perfect Print

Taking The Perfect Print

Published: 26/05/2015 Comments: 0

At Prints Charming, we care about making your life as beautiful as a fairytale. Our aim is to provide personalised finger printed, hand printed and foot printed  jewellery that you can either give to your loved ones or keep as a reminder for yourself.

Imagine having something unique that no one in the world would have except you. There will be no way to copy it or duplicate it; it will be totally one of a kind! That is what imprint jewellery at Prints Charming is all about. Fingerprints for instance, are the most unique feature of the human body and represent your identity as a person. Fingerprint jewellery is a highly thoughtful gift that you can give to someone and we at Prints Charming guarantee that our personalised silver jewellery will be your companion for life.

Take a look at your fingertips; can you see the fine lines that are barely visible? At Prints Charming, we take those fine lines and personally create all the beautiful fingerprint and handprint jewellery pieces from start to finish, with exquisite attention to detail so that we can create a beautiful lasting memory for you and your loved ones.

Our print kits that are sent to the customer once they place the order are absolutely free, easy and quick to use. At Prints Charming, we use the two ways of getting prints. The first method captures your precious fingerprints using moulding putty. It is a totally mess free procedure. Using a two part putty kit that once mixed, will perfectly capture yours or your loved ones fingerprints forever. Each unique ridge, swirl and loop transferred perfectly for us to use to create your wonderful piece of unique silver fingerprint jewellery.

As fingerprint jewellery is a timeless item, at Prints Charming we want you to treasure your imprint jewellery item for years to come. With that in mind, we want your personalised solid silver jewellery to look its best from day one. This is why we don’t recommend taking fingerprints from children under the age of two. Children younger than two don’t always have fingerprint ridges deep enough to be captured and used by us to make your fingerprint jewellery. Anyone over the age of two years of age is normally fine, and the fingerprints will be deep enough to create the perfect piece of solid silver fingerprint jewellery you can treasure forever.

That leads onto the second method of taking prints, handprints and footprints taken using our inkless wipe kit. Perfect for children under two years of age, taking any ones handprint or footprint using our inkless wipe kit couldn’t be easier. A special inkless wipe is provided, along with a piece of paper coated with a magic reactive agent. Both the wipe and paper are completely non toxic so can be used on the tiniest of babies very safely. A simple wipe over the desired hand or foot with the wipe, and then placing this on the paper will result in the perfectly captured handprint or footprint, where every minute detail is visible.

Pop these handprint or footprints back in the pre paid envelope and return them to us. That is when we work our magic and turn that perfectly detailed handprint or footprint (or both) into perfect prints in your chosen personalised solid silver Prints Charming imprint jewellery item.

Should you prefer to have the prints for your jewellery professionally taken, you are more than welcome to visit our Sheffield studio, we also visit Toys R Us and Kiddicare. We visit the Toys R Us stores in Derby, Teesside, Sheffield and Chesterfield occasionally. We also visit the Kiddicare Peterborough store once a month. If you would like to make an appointment to place your order in person and have the prints taken for you, or to find out when and where our next visits are planned, please use the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page. We also have a display of our jewellery permanently in each of the above stores.


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