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Are the items 925 sterling silver?
925 silver means 92.5% silver. These items are 999 silver (99.9%) This is known as 'pure' or 'fine' silver. The jump rings and other attachments they are supplied with are 925 sterling silver.
How do I pay?
You can pay by cash, card, paypal, or bank transfer. Full payment is required before the item is made. Payments in installments are welcome over a maximum of 6 months, and minimum payment of £20 per month. Please select the option at the checkout to set up payments in installments.
I'm ordering this as a gift, how are your items wrapped for postage?
All items are well wrapped and are presented in a gift box. There will be no distinguishing marks on the outside of the parcel, so no one else will know what you have ordered.
Are the items hallmarked?
The law states that items under 7.78grams (for silver) are not required to be hallmarked.
How do I look after my jewellery?
I advise you clean the piece regularly with warm water and a mild detergent. A silver polishing cloth and care instructions are provided with your order.
Please remove your jewellery for swimming, gardening, or any manual or repetitive tasks where it is at risk of getting scratched, or where chlorine / bleach may come into contact with it. This Is especially important for rings and bracelet charms.
How old does my baby have to be before I can order an item with his/her prints on?
For hand and foot prints your baby can be any age. For fingerprints I recommend after 18 months of age as the fingerprint may not be formed fully and there will not be much definition. Usually after 18 months of age a fingerprint can be seen well.
Due to babies and children developing at different ages, some may have more defined fingerprints than others. Please bear this in mind when ordering.
There is no maximum age for all types of prints. The oldest customer I have used prints from is 105!
How do you get an exact copy of a handprint / doodle etc on to a charm?
The images you require on the jewellery are scanned to a computer, scaled down in size so all the detail remains and then printed out. I then make a stamp from that printout which i use to imprint into the silver.
Is it possible to have a message on the charm in my own handwriting?
Yes! You can write what you would like it to say on a piece of paper and I will use the same process as above to get your exact handwritten message onto the jewellery. Depending on the size of the item you order, there will be restrictions as to how much text is possible. You can also provide me with scanned copies of greetings cards / documents to use handwriting instead of a hand, foot or fingerprint.
When will my item be ready?
From the date I receive the prints / doodle etc, you can expect your product to be ready within 28 - 35 days. At peak times for example mothers day, fathers day and Christmas the time is likely to increase so please order early (ideally a minimum of 5 weeks prior the date needed) to avoid disappointment.
If in the unlikely event i'm not happy with my finished piece, do you offer refunds / returns?
Refunds or returns are not possible due to each piece being hand made to order as I will not be able to resell the item. Any items which you suspect have been damaged in the post must be returned to me within one week. In the unlikely event of a spelling error on my part, your item will be re-made free of charge, you need to contact me and return the item to me within one week in an unworn condition. Please check the spelling on your order carefully before confirming. I cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies on your order.

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