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Prints Charming Addicts

The Prints Charming Addicts card is our way of saying thank you to all our loyal customers.

Once you have purchased 5 or more items of imprint jewellery (engraved only items, attachments, necklaces and bracelets etc aren’t included) you will receive one of our exciting Prints Charming Addicts cards.

Not only does this confirm that you are indeed hopelessly addicted to our wonderful creations, but it also gives you a whopping 10% of any future order of imprint jewellery.

That means, whenever you place an order for imprint jewellery through your prints Charming account, you will enter your unique code and receive get 10% off the cost of the fingerprint and imprint jewellery in that order.

The code can be used as often as you like, for as long as you like, so perfect for all those future gifts we know you’ll want to give to all your friends and loved ones.

Remember to use #printscharmingaddict in your social media posts!

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